• Ask These Questions To A Flex PCB Prototype Manufacturer

    Monday, August 5th, 2019

    Ask These Questions To A Flex PCB Prototype Manufacturer

    Most of the flex PCB manufacturing process generally starts with the production of a prototype. There are many advantages to building a working model of a flexible PCB. Only then you should ask your manufacturer to produce it in bulk. Building a prototype helps to test a board’s functionalities. Apart from that, it helps in improving the designs when and if needed. On top of all, creating the prototype aids in pinpointing any errors present in the layout. With the knowledge, you can create the final design, which will be entirely error-free. As prototype designs are crucial, you should seek the services of an experienced manufacturer.

    1. Time spent in the industry: First of all, you should prepare a list of candidates. Then, you should evaluate all the manufacturing companies on the list. You can also think about speaking to people working with companies. Find out how long they have been producing flexible PCB prototype. PCB fabricators with years of experience possess the expertise that you seek.

    2. How long it will take: Once you locate a company with the prowess to produce flexible PCB prototype, you need to think about delivery times. In most cases, the turnaround times vary from one manufacturer to the other. Some can finish the work within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Other can take a week. If a company requires more than a week, then you shouldn’t deal with them.

    3. Quality standards implemented: Again, the certification compliances and standards vary from one company to another. There are several international standards which ensure the quality of the boards. So, you have to find out about the quality standards followed by the manufacturers you choose. If they have certifications like IPC, ITAR, UL, ISO, RoHS, and the like, then they are trustworthy.

    4. The manufacturing facility: Now you have to know whether they have an excellent manufacturing facility or not. Creating a prototype is one thing, but producing it in bulk is an entirely different matter. Some manufacturers can outsmart others with prototypes. However, they can make mistakes while producing PCBs in vast quantities. Lack of production facilities, advanced equipment, and employees are some of the reasons behind their incompetence.

    5. Quality assurance methods: A reputable manufacturing company should have stringent inspection standards in place. If they follow strict practices while inspecting prototypes, they should follow the same techniques during mass production. Therefore, when you select a manufacturing company, you should pay attention to their quality assurance techniques. It is of the utmost importance for them to perform inspections stringently.

    To conclude

    Prototypes can be very helpful as they help both customers and manufacturers. Both of the can check the board against several parameters before producing them in bulk. There was a time when people didn’t pay heed to prototypes. However, they are paying more attention to prototypes now because they realize their importance. Since both the mass producer and prototype manufacturer are the same, you should be careful with your choice. Ask them everything that you found on this topic. Judge several companies based on those queries. You should be able to find out a manufacturer who can fulfill your needs.

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